Monday, July 28, 2014

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Laser Battle Jacket Lets You Wear An Electronic Shooting Game

Why carry around another piece of electronic equipment like a 3DS when you can just wear a game? ThinkGeek has an electronic FPS laser battle jacket pack that lets you do just that. Each pack comes with a single jacket, two targets, and two blasters. Grab a friend (or enemy) and give them one of the targets and one of the blasters and then have fun in player vs player mode. With a 60 foot range, there’s enough room to hide and sneak. I can’t tell if the blasters and targets can be used independently of the jacket, but it looks like it. So, basically, pay for the shooting game and get a sturdy jacket as a bonus! Win!

This Witcher 2 Cosplay Captures The Feel Of The Game Perfectly

Professional photographers do wondrous things for cosplay shoots and this Witcher 2 cosplay is a perfect example. It features GreatQueenLina and LastSoul in a moody shoot by La-Clover. The costumes are beautiful and the horses help set the scene but the photography makes it look like the game simply came to life.

Save 20% On This Harley Quinn Bustier: $25.99

If you’ve ever thought about cosplaying as Harley Quinn, or you simply want something awesome for your lingerie drawer, now is the time to grab this bustier. It’s on sale for a limited time at only $25.99. That’s 20% off the list price! What’s more, these Harley Quinn leggings are a perfect match and they’re on sale for just $5.99!

Spectacular Black Cat And Poison Ivy Cosplay By La Esmeralda

Cosplay is cool, and one of the coolest things is that no matter how often you see the same costume, it’s rarely an exact replica. Each cosplayer adds his or her own touches and modifications that make a costume unique. It may only be a difference of fabric or wig styling, but it’s there. These Black Cat and Poison Ivy costumes made and worn by La Esmeralda are great examples. They are beautifully created and photographed, which helps them stand out from the crowd. Black Cat photos by Grauton Studio, Poison Ivy photos by Hanja Litzba.

This Gipsy Danger Cosplay Is Coming Along Nicely

Redditor blaghart has been working on a Gipsy Danger cosplay and took it out for a test run at Tayo Con. It’s not completed yet. Accoring to the post, “Gipsy is now at about 82%, with the paneling laid in now it’s down to LED implementation, printing the hands, finishing the weathering, and installing the sword.” But I have to admit, the Reddit comment I love most is “Aren’t you a little short for a Jaeger?”

This Redguard Adventurer From Skyrim Is Cosplay Perfection

Now that is one extremely intimidating bear helmet. Kudos to cosplayer Feveron for her extremely detailed armor setup (by the way, I love her “nordic Uggs,” very clever stuff), which she got to show off during MomoCon.